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3 Myths about Becoming Wealthy by Anik Singal

When I talk to people about becoming wealthy, I generally hear one of two things. One is a desperate desire to become wealthy, the other a deep disdain towards the very idea of becoming wealthy.

Anik Singal
Not everyone should want to become a millionaire. It all depends on your core values. Anik Singal’s core values are different than Joe Smith’s core values, which are different than Emma Watson’s core values.

However, there are three widely-held myths about becoming wealthy that should NOT prevent you from pursuing it.

In this article, I’m going to reveal these three myths and discuss why they are, in fact, huge myths that will needlessly hold you back.

Myth 1: People who have a lot of money are unfulfilled

The idea behind this myth is that most wealthy people have a great deal of outer success that covers up a core that is deeply unhappy.

It’s true that some wealthy people are this way. I personally know some people like this, and at one point in my life this was true to some extent.

However, most wealthy people are not like this way. If you look at actual studies rather than anecdotal examples, then it’s clear that wealthy people are not less happy than other groups. You don’t need money to be happy, but having money doesn’t make you unhappy, either.

Myth 2: You making comes at someone else’s expense

Obviously, there are successful scam artists out there. However, for the majority of self-made wealthy people, this is DEFINITELY not true and far removed from the reality of becoming financially successful.

Wealth isn’t taken, it’s created. That means there’s an almost unlimited amount of potential wealth out there.

You don’t need to exploit somebody else to become wealthy. In fact, the most sustainable way of becoming and staying wealthy is if everybody associated with your business – from your customers to your employees – wins.

Which leads into the third myth…

Myth 3: Becoming wealthy is immoral

I reject this 100%

The reason why I reject this is because becoming wealthy is not about “getting money.” Money doesn’t have intrinsic value besides the value we collectively agree it has. It’s just a useful way to give a rough representation of VALUE, which is the real source of wealth.

If you focus on “getting money,” you’re probably not going to get much of it. Those “get rich quick” schemes you see on the internet won’t make you rich unless you’re actually creating value of some kind.

To become wealthy, you need to focus on “creating value.” That’s because when you create value, money follows.

By definition, value is subjective. What has value to you is different than what has value to other people. So if you want to become wealthy, then you need to figure out what has value to other people and give that to them. That means understanding people’s wants and needs.

That’s why if there was an “Anik Singal method” to becoming wealthy, it would be this…

If you want to start a business, you need to figure out what wants and needs your customers have and then create a product or service to satisfy them.

If you want to work for a company, you need to figure out how you can satisfy and unmet need that company has, or do it better than someone else.

The more value you create, the more money will come to you. That’s the game we’re playing here: creating more value.

It’s a fun game to play, and a pretty fulfilling one because unless you’re doing some really sketchy things, that means helping people. If you don’t feel like what you’re doing for work is actually helping someone, then you need to reassess what you’re doing.

It certainly doesn’t sound evil, does it?

About the Author:

Anik Singal is a Founder and CEO of Lurn, Inc., an e-learning company with a mission to change the world by creating information entrepreneurs worldwide. He’s also the creator of famed Profit Academy.

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What Is Digital Fabric Printing?

Digital Fabric PrintingAs its name implies, digital fabric printing is simply the concept of digitally printing on fabrics. While the inkjet printing technology used in the process was first patented in 1968, substantial advances have since been made, leading to specialized wide-format printers able to handle a variety of materials including canvas, vinyl and fabric. Digital fabric printing opens the door to tons of applications, particularly in the field of marketing communications.

One of the advantages of digital fabric printing is its precision and efficiency. One can print as much or as little as needed – from a small piece of fabric to an oversized roll.

A small listing of potential digital printing applications includes: fabric banners, fabric light boxes, flags, trade show graphics, graphic art reproductions, and interior design fabrics. With so many applications, the possibilities for the technology of digital fabric printing are nearly limitless. In addition, with digital fabric printing, there’s no need to create screens upon which to print, which saves time and money.

Another plus is that digital fabric printing is more environmentally friendly than other traditional screen printing methods since it permits the printing of precise quantities needed, which allows for very little waste. This technology also minimizes the usage of inks and dyes.

Digital Fabric Printing: Where To Go?

While there are many printing companies throughout Southern California and beyond, Primary Color is among the best. Since their founding in 1984, they’ve established themselves as an industry leader by focusing on innovative print technology including digital fabric printing. They currently have locations in Los Angeles, Orange County and Shanghai China – giving their customers a worldwide reach.

Primary Color offers six core print services: pre-media, litho printing, large format digital printing, digital silkscreen printing, fabric printing and variable data digital printing. And all these services are color managed to each other, ensuring brand image consistency across all print marketing materials.

Some of the areas where Primary Color provides high quality print solutions for their clients include event signage, out-of-home campaigns, retail signage, trade show graphics, marketing collateral, vehicle graphics, wall coverings, and interior décor applications.

High Quality Fabric Printing

Custom fabric printing has become a popular choice for trade show and retail applications and Primary Color offers 10ft. wide, high speed fabric printing to meet the demand. Their Vutek TX3250r dyes fabric directly so it retains its drape and soft feel. This device can produce custom fabric prints and fabric banners that are odorless, achieve bright colors, are wrinkle resistant and can be washed and handled without harming the print. And the TX3250r also creates custom fabric prints and fabric banners that can be folded for easy transportation, which reduces shipping costs and leaves a greener footprint.  For more information, visit them at


What Is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is one the easiest ways of making money online. You simply promote other peoples’ products and receive a commission for doing so. You do not have to develop your own products nor do you have to worry about billing, customer service, shipping etc. Thus, many internet marketers prefer this business model due to its convenient, hassle free nature.

Here is a simple example of affiliate marketing – Jack is extremely passionate about fitness and thus he has started a health and fitness blog. He writes about healthy habits, diets, recipes, exercises, meditation and so on. He interviews fitness experts and doctors and posts their opinions on his blog. He keeps on adding valuable information and soon his blog begins to receive more and more visitors. John feels that a particular protein shake is really tasty and healthy and thus he recommends it to his visitors. He also comes across an eBook titled Fitness For Beginners and reviews it on his website. John earns commissions for all sales of the protein shake and the eBook. As the popularity of his blog increases, so do his earnings!

Remember that you do not have to be an expert on a certain topic to be an affiliate marketer. However, some understanding of that topic certainly helps a lot. Consider the following case. Steven Spielberg is an amazing film maker. He knows a lot about making and marketing films and is certainly an expert on the matter. You, on the other hand don’t know much about direction, acting and other aspects of film making. Still, that does not stop you from reviewing Steven Spielberg’s film. Sure, you have an advantage if you have some experience in drama or other theatrical arts but even if you don’t, you can still write a pretty decent review if you want to. The same holds true for affiliate marketing – You do not necessarily have to be an expert to promote a certain product. You just need to have credibility as a reviewer. If you were an expert, wouldn’t it make more sense to create and sell your own product?

There are many affiliate programs to choose from. Programs can be divided into two categories. 

1) Programs that pay per click: You receive a small commission every time someone clicks on the ad (text or image) that you have displayed on your website/blog.

2) Programs that pay per action: You get paid when the visitor performs a certain pre-specified action after clicking the link. The action may refer to subscription, purchase etc.

Some of the most reliable affiliate programs include the Google Affiliate Network, Commission Junction, Chitika, Clickbank, LinkShare, Amazon Associates etc. Clickbank offers some of the highest commission rates since it deals exclusively in digital products.

As you may have already noticed, the most challenging aspect of affiliate marketing is to create a high traffic blog or website. However, once you do manage to build an audience, you can earn a very respectable income by promoting other products. The key is not to get greedy and to only promote products that are genuinely good. Top affiliates make millions every year.

Want more? Visit my friend Jeff’s Internet Marketing Blog.


How To Make Money Working From Home

Yes, you really CAN do it!

money-from-homeThe ever expanding popularity of the internet has caused a radical shift in the way people relate to life. Just a couple of decades ago, one had to stand in a line to book tickets and mail was actually delivered by the postman. Facebook was totally unheard of and tweets were sounds that birds made! Today, the internet is an infinitely powerful tool that can be used for accessing information, connecting with people and for performing a variety of other tasks. Try living without the internet for a couple of days and you will definitely notice that something is missing in your life. You will feel left behind and out of sync with the whole world. You will become curious to know the number of likes that your new profile picture received. It would not be an overstatement to say that internet has become a necessity and/or an addiction for a very substantial chunk of the world’s population. Billions of people from all corners of the world are online at any given minute and thus, the internet holds tremendous money making potential.

So how to make money working from home? This might well be the question of the current century. Well, there is no single answer as the possibilities are literally endless. New methods of making money online are being implemented this very minute! Mentioned below are just a few popular ones.

1) Find a job working from home: The advantages of such a job are that you do not have to commute to work. This enables you to spend more time with your family or doing what you love. You also save money that would have otherwise been spent on commuting. Working online from home generally allows you to be flexible with your schedule and many people enjoy this kind of freedom. The most widespread online jobs include programming, writing, translation, designing, teaching etc.

2) Sell your own product: Create and sell your own product online. You get immediate access to customers from all parts of the globe and it takes minutes to set up your business. You may use paid methods of advertising or pay commissions to marketers for promoting your product.

3) Sell other peoples’ products: This is also known as affiliate marketing. This is one of the easiest ways of making money online as you don’t have to create or sell your own products nor do you have to handle billing and shipping. You simply recommend products to people and receive commissions on the sales.

4) Create a high traffic website or blog: If your website/blog has a high number of visitors – you can monetize it innumerable different ways such as affiliate marketing, paid advertisements and so on.

5) Here is a general rule of thumb for determining which method of making money online is most suitable for you – what are you good at in the real world? Treat your online business as an extension of your real identity. Are you a good cook or a music teacher? Are you a doctor or a sports enthusiast? Find a way to make a genuine contribution to society and you will definitely make money.

Do not fall prey to get rich quick schemes. Remember that making money from home through the internet is not a form of escape. You still need a lot of determination, patience and willpower to make it big online.  For MORE information, check out THIS post


How To Make Your Own Youtube Video

Youtube videos are the ultimate medium for expressing yourself and reaching out to people from all parts of the world. Just filming a pair of cute kittens can earn you millions of views and thousands of dollars! Many Youtube channels like Vitalyzdtv and Daily Grace generate 6 figure incomes a year and the best part about them is that they feature pranks and other funny content that costs almost nothing to create. You too can use Youtube to make money or just to share your experiences with other people. Below is a mini-course on how to make your own Youtube video. You will need the following things:

1) A video camera (camcorder). Today, you can get a good HD video camera for just a couple hundred bucks. You can find some GREAT Video Cameras on

2) A Youtube Account. It is free to sign up and the whole process takes just a few minutes to complete.

3) Windows Live Movie Maker or other similar software for editing the video. You can download Windows Live Movie Maker from the internet for free. It is fairly easy to use. You can even watch Youtube videos on how to use the software!  If you’re using a MAC – iMovie is what you want to look for

4) Depending upon the nature of the video, you might need to ask a friend to help you to record it. You can use a tripod to record indoors but if you plan to record outdoors in crowded locations, you will most probably need a camera man.

Now let’s get started!

Come up with a great idea!

This is often the hardest part. The best way to come up with an idea is to determine the purpose of the video. What do you want to accomplish by recording this video? What effect do you want it to have on people? Do you want to entertain? Do you want to make a tutorial video? Do you want people to buy a certain product or sign up for a service? Establishing a fixed purpose helps you to create a definite plan of action.

Remember that people respond better to emotions than to logic.

This is precisely the reason why Gangnam Style has 1.7 billion views while many great classics barely have a million. Academically, a classical song may be much more difficult to perform than Gangnam Style but the latter is more in tune with contemporary culture and invokes stronger emotions. Funny videos, cute animals, babies, dog and owner reunions, song lyrics, covers, parodies, reviews, interesting compilations, recipes, how to videos are all very popular on Youtube.

If you’re a beginner, then come with a script for your video.

You do not have to memorize every word but at least have a general idea in your mind. Practicing before a mirror is an old trick but it can do wonders to your public speaking skills.

Record the video and watch it.

Edit out mistakes, if any, with the help of Windows Live Movie Maker or some other similar program. Add captions and dialogue boxes if necessary. Don’t forget to include a ‘please subscribe’ link.

Most editing programs have a Youtube icon.

Click on this icon to upload the video to Youtube. You can also go to and click on the upload button. Uploading usually takes a while so be patient.

Once you have more than 500 hundred subscribers, you can apply to become a Youtube partner. Youtube partners can monetize their videos by setting up advertising campaigns. Youtube promotes its partners’ videos aggressively so you will receive even more views once you become a partner.

Another way of monetizing your Youtube videos is by adding links (affiliate links or links to your own products) in the description.

Whatever you do, have fun making your video and do not use any copyrighted material.

How to find a niche to promote

How To Find A Niche To Market And Promote

How to find a niche to promote

Every webmaster dreams of creating a niche website that brings in thousands of dollars in passive income each month. However, for most internet marketers, this dream remains only a dream!

Finding the right niche is a daunting task for most – people spend a lot of time and resources on determining the ‘next big thing’ in the internet world. However, understand once and for all that there is no such thing as the next ‘BIG’ thing – there is only the next ‘BETTER’ thing. Creativity is cumulative – not absolute. First came the wheel, then came the cart, then came a cart with an engine and only after decades of research came the modern car. Even the modern car is not perfect – a century from now – people will be using modes of transportation that are far more advanced than those we have today! Well all this is OK but how does it relate to finding the right niche? Read on to find out.

What the above mentioned paragraph suggests is that great achievements are not a sudden event; instead, they are a series of events. The light bulb was not created in an hour. Thomas Edison spent an entire lifetime developing it. He studied the findings of several other scientists and only after years of meticulous research did he succeed. Even then his success was not final – The light bulbs that we use today are much more advanced than the one he created. What does this teach us? Two things – namely:

First, It takes PASSION to accomplish great feats. Do you think that Edison could have created the light bulb if he was not obsessed by physics? No! He loved physics – he dreamt it and lived it! The same holds true for all successful men and women. Bill Gates, Mike Tyson, Henry Ford, Michael Jackson, Joanne Rowling absolutely love/d what they do/did. Bill Gates had absolutely no trouble in deciding what he wanted in life. He was so confident that he even had the guts to quit Harvard – the best university in the world! He became successful simply because he did what he liked – he never thought ‘actors earn good money, so let me try acting.’ He simply chose to do what he was PASSIONATE about.

Last, but certainly not least –  It is not that computer programs did not exist before Bill Gates. He just made better programs. J.K. Rowling is not the first to write about magic, her books are simply better. Vampire films are very popular today, they have been popular for a century and still new films about vampires are being released every other month. Some of these films are breaking records just due to the simple reason that they are better than the ones before them! Thus, it can be concluded that in order to succeed – you must do something that you are passionate about and do it BETTER than others. Forget doing something BIG, focus on better and you will eventually arrive at the BIG!

When you began reading this article, you hoped to find the niche that would make you millions! Instead, you ended up getting lectured on philosophy! If you truly want to become an internet millionaire, you must create websites about topics that you really like. It does not matter if there is a lot of competition in your niche – be better than others! The internet is literally overloaded with generic websites. Don’t create another similar website – become an authority in your niche instead. That is the new mantra for making it big! Sure, you can use keyword research tools and find a couple of niches that are demonstrating an upward trend. If you like to learn new things, then you should definitely try those niches out. However, you have a far greater advantage if you work on niches that you already know a lot about as you can understand your audience better. After all, isn’t the internet all about getting paid for doing what you love?

P.S. – Health, love, money, entertainment, fashion and technology are evergreen niches. They will always remain popular. Hope this answers your question!


B2B Branding – Separating The Men From The Boys

B2B Branding

B2B BrandingBusiness to Business (B2B) is a marketing term that is used to define commercial transactions between two businesses, as opposed to a transaction between a business and a customer (B2C). When you buy a car, the deal is a B2C transaction but when a car manufacturer buys rubber and steel from other businesses, B2B transactions occur. It goes without saying that the number of B2B transactions is much higher than B2C since a manufacturer needs to buy several raw materials and services to create just one type of product. 

Many businesses fail to realize the importance of B2B branding. They are under the impression that brand reputation matters only when selling to customers (B2C). However, trends have shown that these assumptions are wrong and that B2B banding is in fact even more important than B2C. 

A brand is not just a name and a logo. It is actually a representation of values (such as efficiency, reliability and so on). Top businesses are especially keen on maintaining uniformity in their brand. This means that they want to elucidate consistency in quality throughout their supply chain. In simple terms, they want to buy from reputable brands as this makes their own brand even more credible and desirable. For example: Imagine a company that makes sausages. They can market their products much better if they tell their customers that they buy meat only from the best farms. 

In a way, companies are also like people. Why do people prefer specific brands? Simply because they GUARANTEE that the product will be manufactured according to a particular (high) standard. The same holds true for companies – just like people, they too are looking for reliable goods. B2B branding is a great tool for tapping into the emotional drivers of buyers. Buying is a psychological process and the irrational element always plays an integral in finalizing purchasing decisions. Branding helps businesses to exploit this irrational element!

B2B Branding Strategy

All businesses strive for stability and it hurts them if they have to keep switching between suppliers. Hindrances at the back end of a business make themselves felt at the front end too. A problem with supply leads to delays and this can have a negative impact on sales and reputation. For example: Consider a sausage making company that buys meat from different sources. If the quality of meat differs or if there are delays in supply, then the sausages will obviously taste differently. There might also be slight alterations in the texture. All this is highly undesirable and hence such a company will keep buying from TRUSTED sources. How to create a reputation for trustworthiness? Through branding and consistency! 

B2B branding has become even more important since the advent of the internet. Buyers are much better informed and they have access to reviews of multiples businesses. Thus, a strong online presence is indispensable for if you want your business to flourish. Branding helps a business to become closely attached to another business’s logistical chain and corporate culture. This helps to reinforce positive relationships and ultimately ensures repeat business. 


Internet Marketer Ronnie Montano – Success Story!

Internet Marketer Ronnie Montano

Ronnie Montano

Ronnie Montano

Ronnie Montano is a top level internet marketer. He is renowned for creating some of the most revolutionary marketing products. He has managed to deliver results that were unheard of before. His highly effective sales funnels have enabled him to win many affiliate marketing contests. However, his true success lies in the number of people that he has influenced. Thousands of individuals from all corners of the globe have benefited immensely from his training and products.

Ronnie Montano has added a whole new dimension to the art of making money online. His methods work for everybody, everywhere. It does not matter if you have no prior experience or knowledge about the internet. If you can follow simple instructions and have the willingness to make it big online, then Ronnie Montano can make you rich! In fact, his methods are so straightforward and effective that you will have to be incredibly stupid in order to fail – in which case you probably cannot read this!

Note that Ronnie’s money making systems are NOT get-rich-quick schemes! Rather, they are automated systems which have been crafted using cutting edge technology – they work because they follow a proven blueprint. Even though Ronnie’s products involve sophisticated software, they are very easy to operate. Also, all of them include free training and this helps users to utilize them to their true potential. A few other internet marketing gurus may offer slightly above average products but they hardly teach you anything about the trade. Also, these gurus are more interested in winning competitions than in helping you. Having a product without proper training is like having a car but not knowing how to drive. The car is practically useless if you cannot use it for transportation. Yes, you can hire a chauffeur but that involves shelling out even more money!

Ronnie Montano has a no-nonsensical attitude towards success. He believes in smart work rather than hard work and this belief echoes in all the products developed by him. Below are some of his best selling systems

1) Easy Cash Code: This system unlocks the real truth behind making money online. It is actually a squeeze page generator that delivers mind blowing results!

2) My Binary Recoded: Binary options are very closely related to foreign exchange. They involve predicting whether a certain currency or a commodity (gold, silver etc.) will rise or fall within the next minute, hour, day, week and so on. Since there are only two possibilities (rise or fall), the concept is known as binary options. If your prediction happens to be correct, then you win money but if it is incorrect – you lose up to 85% on the original amount. Thus, binary options are a risky business if you depend only on luck. However, foreign exchange trends can be predicted by observing the factors that affect a particular currency (or commodity). My Binary Recoded enables you to make accurate predictions 98 times out of 100; this translates into cold hard cash in your pocket!

3) Tube Cash Code: This product encapsulates everything about making money through Youtube videos.

4) Mobile Cash Code: Earn money through mobile marketing!

5) Commission Cash Code: Do you like facebook? You will like it even more once you start making a fortune on it!

All products come with a money back guarantee, making them totally devoid of any risk. The bottom line is that even if you don’t like the product (highly improbable), you will learn many new things for free!